The Batte Center Presents: Mandala Sandpainting Residency

Nov 13
Mon @ 12:00 pm
Mandala Sandpainting Residency
November 13, 2017
Mon at 12:00 pm
The Batte Center, Wingate Board of Visitors, LYCEUM, International Studies and CVICS
Batte Center Rotunda Lobby

November 13-17
Mandala Sand Painting Residency

As part International Education Week, these practicing monk artists will create a colorful Mandala Sand Painting as a meditative practice on world healing and a symbol for the impermanence of life.  A separate Community Sand Mandala will give children and adults a chance to try their hand at this ancient practice. 
Visitors are welcome during the creating process and to the final closing ceremony when the sand mandala is destroyed and returned to the earth for a blessing of healing. 
There is no fee to visit the sand painting or the ceremonies. 
Tickets are required for the 11/17 performance.
Residency Schedule - Batte Center Rotunda Lobby:
Mon, Nov 13    Noon           OPENING CEREMONY
                      1-6pm         Sand Painting
Tue,  Nov 14   10am-6pm   Sand Painting
Wed, Nov 15   10am-6pm   Sand Painting
Thu,  Nov 16   10am-6pm   Sand Painting
Fri,   Nov 17    10-11am      Sand Painting
                       Noon          CLOSING CEREMONY
                       7pm           PERFORMANCE (McGee Theatre)