The Batte Center Presents: Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart

Feb 7
Fri @ 7:30 pm
Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart
February 7, 2014
Fri at 7:30 pm
The Batte Center
McGee Theatre

In Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart, actor Mike Wileyprovides a glimpse of Jackie Robinson’s life during a bygone era of separate and unequal locker rooms, of whites only hotels, and of restaurants where only a back door was opened for colored athletes. A star player who was showered with adulation on the field, Robinson became a secondclass citizen when he walked off the diamond. 



"Mike is a brilliant artist and educator... This is about mending the broken world through the power of story, and making scholarship and art speak to the breach in our common life. I am proud to have Mike as a colleague in those efforts..."  - Author Tim Tyson, Blood Done Sign My Name

Mike Wiley’s acclaimed original dramatic theatre works are built on pivotal moments in African-American history, and his new definition for the inspired blending of art and education has been acclaimed across the country.

Formerly of Theatre IV and Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, Mike Wiley has more than twelve years specializing in theatre for young audiences. That work has expanded into regional theatre, television and film. A gifted playwright and actor, his overriding goal is expanding cultural awareness for all audiences through dynamic, character-rich portrayals of pivotal events that form the history of the American experience.

He has served as the Lehman Brady Visiting Professor at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies and is recipient of a 2012 Indy Arts Award. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill's M.F.A. program, Wiley now tours nationwide with a repertoire of powerful, acclaimed original theatrical works, many of which feature Wiley in multiple roles in one production.

"You marvel at the chameleon nature of his character changes and the technique he uses to do that,” says Ray Dooley, head of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program from which Wiley graduated in 2004. “To see someone use that masterful technique in the service of such worthy, important and compassionate material—really, every time I see Mike, it's a highlight for me."

Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart shares penetrating lessons of courage and leadership from heroic African-American athletes.